Thursday, July 27, 2006

What is this 'durable ceasefire' they talk about?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted there could not be a return to the "status quo" of political uncertainty and instability in Lebanon and that any ceasefire must be "sustainable."

Really, what does that mean - sustainable/durable ceasefire? Implementation of UN Resolution 1559 that calls on Hezbollah to disarm? Why would they? What have they gotten in return? Has Israel made any concessions that would prompt Hezbollah to disarm?

The whole world is calling for an immediate ceasefire with the exception of the US and UK. 405 Lebanese dead, the majority civilian. And many more buried under the rubble. Over 600,000 refugees. How many to die before this 'sustainable' ceasefire is reached.

Remember, a durable/sustainable ceasefire would also entail answers to the question of Palestine and Palestinian refugees as per UN Resolution 194. The Palestinian Question remains one of the principal reasons that Hezbollah became involved. If you want a durable ceasefire, then you must address this question. However, it hasn't been answered for nearly 60 years. It therefore seems that a cessation of violence will not come about anytime soon.

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