Friday, July 28, 2006

Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon assuming a lot these days

Haim Ramon. Being probed. I'm assuming ofcourse.

Haim Ramon, Israel's Justice Minister, seems to be assuming a lot these days.

Following international talks in Rome on Wednesday about Israel's brutal assault on Lebanon, when the international community stopped short of calling for an immediate truce, Haim Ramon made an assumption. He assumed that Israel had received "a green light from the world... to continue the operation". The US wasn't too pleased.

Back at home, Haim is making other assumptions.. about how certain women wish to get down with him. He is alleged to have forcibly kissed an employee of another government ministry on the mouth about two weeks ago at a party in Tel Aviv. Israel's Minister of Rough Justice is currently being probed by the police.

I'm assuming that it will be a non-invasive probing and will likely result in him receiving a promotion.

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