Saturday, July 15, 2006

Has Israel forgotten about its kidnapped soldiers?

I think so.

Or if it hasn't, then it really wasn't about Israel's soldiers in the first place.

Ilan Pappe's recent Electronic Intifada article offers some good perspective on what Israel is really about in Lebanon. And Putin two hours ago made comments that hint of having probably read the Pappe article.

Being engaged in 'low intensity warfare' with the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, even following the intifada in 2000, is extremely frustrating when you're the biggest military power in the Middle East. So they used the Hizballah capture of 2 soldiers to wreak havoc on Lebanese civilians and civilian infrastructre so that Hizballah is blamed; they implicated Syria and Iran because they want nothing more than to fire their toys and see all three aforementioned parties no longer in existence.

I suppose the aim is so that the world no longer mistakes them for a weak ethnicity that was unable to prevent the Holocaust; maybe it's cognitive dissonance after running up a debt of 74 billion dollars of which military spending factors heavily.

Fine. But at what cost?

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