Tuesday, June 03, 2008

15 year old Palestinian killed for carrying mobile phone at Hawara Checkpoint, West Bank

Ha'aretz reported that a 15 year old carrying explosives was shot dead at the Hawara Checkpoint in the West Bank. However, the truth is told on Mahsanmilim:Reports from the West Bank and linked to on Sabbah's blog with first hand accounts of what happened on May 19 2008.

To quote the article written by Aya Kaniuk, Vivi Sury, Tamar Goldschmidt:

Fahmi Abd alJawaad alDarduk (فهمي عبد الجواد الدردوك), who was shot by the soldiers at this checkpoint on Monday, May 19th 2008. After he was shot, the army claimed that pipe bombs had been detected in his belt. That wires had been seen hanging from under his clothing. That three pipe bombs had been observed.... He was actually carrying two mobile phones and earphones which the soldiers mistook for 'pipe bombs'.... When he went through the turnstile he was ordered to “lift your shirt, show your belly.” He lifted his shirt. When they saw the earphone wire, and the cell phone, they shot his head, immediately. Before he even passed through, he was shot in the head. The woman-soldier shot him. Yes, the woman-soldier. But she was not the only one. Not one shot. Six shots.

This story highlights the brutality of the occupation and the fickleness of Palestinian life under it, the untruths, the cover-ups and the trigger happy protagonists at the front line of the enterprise.