Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hizballah - Representing Resistance or Terrorism?

I’m sorry that innocent Lebanese have to die. But don’t you realise that the despicable, morally bankrupt Israeli army is specifically targeting civilians, civilian infrastructure and Lebanon’s pretty café’s so as to turn the people against Hizballah?

Don’t you realise that in taking out families from major villages in the south (and now also in the north) the Israeli army hopes to turn the civilians against the moqawimeen (resistance)?

Hizballah is representing resistance to Israeli oppression. Oppression against Gazawis, those in the West Bank and to the Palestinian minority citizens of Israel.

I know cause I’m in Israel. Maybe my town will be hit by a long range missile, but if it’s a step towards changing current Israeli policy meted out to the Palestinians and really all Arabs for that matter, then I’ll be okay with it.

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