Sunday, February 19, 2006

They stole my dignity for 6 hours and criminalised all things Arab

I returned to Israel's Jordan Valley border crossing at 730am this morning. After 2 hours of detention/extensive searching/questioning (in addition to the same that I encountered yesterday for 4 hours), I was grudgingly let through.

Let through after being made to feel inhuman for having affiliations to 'enemy ethnicities/religious inclinations'. Not their words, mine. But if they were to word their discriminatory actions, I suppose it would probably sound like that.

I'm a Canadian; but because of my travel to the Gulf, my Arab background and my work in human rights, I was subjected to treatment I would wish on nobody. It was insulting and it stole my dignity. It made me strip my pants to my knees, walk around the building without shoes and jacket when external temperatures stood at 7 degrees, it went through personal messages and contacts on my cellphone unrelated to 'security', it refused to speak with Canadian Foreign Ministry Officials that I was in contact with, it made fun of Arabs, Muslims and the Middle East, and it made it a crime to speak Arabic.

Shu sawee?


Shaden said...

7amdellah 3al salame!

Sorry for what they've put you through Nasser. What to expect from occupation though, but violence and inhumane practices.

Nasrawi said...

Tslami Shaden.

The HRA is actually putting together a new report on human rights abuses as they take place by security officials at Ben-Gurion airport and other Israeli border crossings. I will keep you posted.

Ohoud said...

Youn should report this, with DETAILS.

I know maybe nothing will turn out of the complaint, but you can at least try.

We can't keep on saying that whatever we do wont get us anywhere. we should start somewhere...