Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dahab was, well, golden

Drove here

Slept here
I was in Dahab, Egypt's Sinai last week for 5 days.

It was a good break. And the Red Sea is really a sea like no other.

Swam here

The secret wish, in the not too distant future, is to be lost somewhere inbetween.


bilotee said...

sure looks great

Nasrawi said...

Sina is wicked. You should go if you're in urdun.

It felt like the Red Sea really wanted me in it - it was welcoming, soft and clean. And peaceful like nothing else. I'll be swimming in the 5aleej shortly and will see how that holds up to m9ir.

Sugar Cubes said...

nice pictures

Nasrawi said...

tslami sugarcubes! you got some not so bad looking photos yourself on your 'jordan's forests' post...