Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ali Zeidan from Kfar Manda brutally assaulted by Israeli police

Last night, on New Years eve, Israeli police and special forces launched an unprovoked and brutal assault on Palestinian youth from the Galilee village of Kfar Manda in Israel while they were on their way to visiting a friend in the hospital in Nazareth.

Ali Zeidan and his friends were on their way to visiting a friend in hospital in Nazareth, but as the road was blocked due to ongoing events, police presence and demonstrations in Nazareth, they got out of their car to survey the situation. Only a couple of minutes had passed when they were attacked brutally by a large contingent of Israeli police and special forces. They assert they had done nothing to provoke the attack. While some friends managed to get away, Ali Zeidan was not so lucky. Partially unconcious, he was later taken by ambulance to a hospital. He suffered a broken hand and suffered serious injury above his eye and on his head.

The following are photos showing the beatings he received:

I picked up on this story on the online news website, alarab. This site has shown itself to provide better coverage on goings-on in the Palestinian community during the Gaza assault than the other up-to-the-minute news website for Palestinians in Israel, .

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