Sunday, July 13, 2008

'The Occupation Has Gone Absurd' says Gideon Levy, Ha'aretz

With a bevy of Words that hang so so heavy
Spit the truth like our man Gideon Levy
Shameful secrets in God's name
How did the war fame-game frame so lame?

Gideon Levy's article in Ha'aretz today speaks to the move by the Israeli Defence Ministry to target charities, bakeries, schools, clinics and beauty salons because somewhere along the line, these organisations are linked to Hamas. Here is an excerpt:

Thus the occupation proves once again that there is no place in Palestinians' lives that it cannot reach, and that it has no boundaries: An army that closes a school, library, bakery and boarding school; soldiers who raid a licensed commercial television station, confiscating its equipment and threatening its closure, as happened recently at the Afaq TV station in Nablus.
Read the full article here.

In the end Levy asks, 'On whose back are we fighting terror? Widows? Orphans? It's shameful.'


Julia said...

In today's age, no one knows what it's like to live in terror any more than the Palestinians. Mr. Levy is 100% right when he asks "whose back are we fighting?" I have yet to understand the reasons Israel has for murdering Palestinian civilians. They say it's for "security" but how is slaughtering innocent children supposed to keep your country/people "secure"? Maybe they think ethnically cleansing out these people will reduce the "terrorist threat" they face.

Nasrawi said...

The dehumanization that accompanies the occupation facilitates the govt's policies. It happens not only on the ground in the OPT, but also in the courts, the political culture, the popular culture, in the media. When children are killed, it is as if they are seen as Palestinian, implying sub-human, before being seen as children with souls and human beings with inherent dignity.

We hope for a day that all can see each other as human beings before anything else.

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