Saturday, August 05, 2006

Voces Latinas Radio Interview - 1610 AM Toronto

In 30 minutes I'll be doing a radio interview with Sandra Farias of Voces Latinas AM 1610, a Spanish radio station based in Toronto. We'll mostly be talking about the War in Lebanon.

I'm unsure if we're airing live but tune in to find out when the interview will air.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask what makes you especially qualified to comment on the war in Lebanon? I realize you're not being interviewed on a major radio station like the CBC, but I still wonder why they chose you of all people.

Nasrawi said...

Who needs to be especially qualified to comment on the war? Can regular people not comment on the war? Listen ese, if you want airtime too, we can arrange that for you. There's lots to go around.

And because you still wonder why they chose me of all people, it's because I work for a human rights NGO based in Israel. So I will be interpreting the war from a human rights perspective, and commenting on local Palestinian Arab reaction to the War.

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