Monday, November 07, 2005

Lubna Azabal

This post goes out to young, talented female actors world-over; and is especially directed to Belgian artists of Moroccan origin.

Belgian artists of Moroccan origin that exhibit soul in their step and breathe character in their smile.

I had the pleasure of meeting, albeit briefly, Lubna Azabal of Paradise Now / Exils / Viva Laldjérie - fame. She's in Nasereh for the French Cultural Centre's 1ère édition du Festival du Film Français de Nazareth.

I'm not sure how much of her spirit you can feel through the inserted photos, but I'll throw them in anyway because they're easy on the eyes.

Veo aspectos de las actrices de mi vida personal - Brooke, Jimagua, Zuzia - en ella


PALFORCE said...


She is a breath taker.

Anonymous said...

i was really discassed by the film viva laldjerie, and very shocked when isaw nudity, and and immoral things that has never been shown in our cinema or tv ,and that is not in our religion as muslim, lubna azabel this (bitch) can go to holiwood to make porno moovie and get more money, and all people who participate in this moovie directly or indirectly can be responsible of their act the day of jujement on front of god

Nasrawi said...

Well - I hope to God that at the very least u got off while enduring those "shocking, immoral things" on the screen.

Personally, the bathroom scene did it for me.

Anonymous said...

And you will also be responsible for writing such foul language.

All have sinned but only a few are washed in the blood of the lamb.

God will judge, all you have to do is what he has asked of you: Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself.

The Liberal Avenger said...

Oh boy - she's so lovely! I fell in love with her in Paradise Now.

Are the other films recommended?

Nasrawi said...

Viva Laldjérie and Loin are pretty good. I'd check them out again.